Benefit from the biggest cosmetics market in Atlanta and meet your existing and potential new customers during The Makeup Expo.
Atlanta is furthermore becoming the gateway to cosmetics.

Where Beauty Meets Indy Business
Our difference…
Some unique benefits of participating in The Makeup Expo:
The Makeup Expo brings together Indy cosmetic and nail companies on the rise.
Our marketing and quality venue is geared to draw high volume makeup and nail supply purchasers.
Exhibitors will receive detailed contact information on all  attendees.

Post-Show Advertising is our thing! Your company name, phone number and link to your website are listed on from the day you sign your contract, until our next show.
The Makeup Expo booths are UNBELIEVABLELY priced, to attract you forever! (see cost of exhibiting below)
The early October - 2014, event will bring buyers in time for lucrative seasonal business.
Join our list of vendors now, for a discount on your October exhibitors booth.


Here are the buyers:
•Makeup artists
•Nail Technicians
•Beauty Salon Owners
•Spa Owners
•Hair Salon Owners
•Distributors and wholesalers
•Alternative therapy salon
•Nail Salon Owners
•Holistic center/salon
•Tanning salon
•Home based salon owners
•Gift Store buyers
•Freelance industry professionals
•Health fitness club operators
•Luxury Hoteliers
•Medical Aestheticians
•Beauty and hair school/college
•Doctors and medi-spa owners
•Boutique store buyers
•Stylish girls with a makeup addiction



        •Promote business exposure and name recognition
                        •Offer samples    •Conduct market research
                                         •Sell     Demonstrate products      •Network with peers 
                               •Launch products, promote awareness
                                                             •See what your competition is up to

           The right time, the right event, and just right for you.

Cost of exhibiting...

List of exhibitors...
Invited exhibitor list featuring cosmetic companies that will line the exhibit floor, providing
in-booth education, innovative products, and countless networking opportunities.

Exhibiting at The Makeup Expo is an EXCELLENT value. 
Because  we want this to be a longtime affair, the price is set just for you.
ALL booths  are only $400. At this rate, you can spread out with 2 booths or more.
Psst..."No extra $$$ for a corner booth. Sign up now to get one."
Exhibitor Information
For details on your booth space
Products and services on exhibit:
•Aesthetic medicine
•Beauty supplies and equipment
•Body & face treatments
•Complimentary makeup/educational sessions
•Cosmetic & makeup tools
•Detox & slimming
•Industry Insurance
•Manufacturing equipment
•Medical beauty treatments
•Nail polish & nail care
•Spa and wellness products
•Spa equipment & design
•Perfumes and Toiletries                       
•Makeup Artists
•Face & Body Painters
•Nail technicians
•And…anyone in the beauty, and nail industry